Faculty Members

Sandra Chafouleas PhD

Sandra Chafouleas Ph.D.

Research interests: school-based behavior assessment, school mental health, coordinated school health, data-based decision making, multi-tiered systems of school-based service delivery, school psychology
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Adam Feinberg

Adam Feinberg Ph.D.

Research interests: the development and implementation of Multi-Tier Systems of Supports in schools and districts, with a focus on developing and supporting coaching knowledge, skills, and networks
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Tamika La Salle PhD

Tamika La Salle Ph.D.

Research interests: Culturally responsive education practices, school climate, student outcomes based on relationships between cultural and ecological variables including the community, family and school, and access to education for students with disabilities
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Lisa Sanetti PhD

Lisa Sanetti Ph.D.

Research interests: implementation science in schools, translation of evidence-based practices to applied settings, modular intervention design, coordinated school health
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Michael Coyne Ph.D.                                                                             Mike Coyne photo

Research interests: beginning reading and early vocabulary instruction and intervention, school-based experimental research, multi-tiered or RTI systems of support, and effective practices for students with reading disabilities.
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Allison Lombardi PhD

Allison Lombardi Ph.D.

Research interests: college and career readiness, secondary special education and transition, college students with disabilities, inclusive instruction in higher education
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Brandi Simonsen PhD

Brandi Simonsen Ph.D.

Research interests: school- and class-wide positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS), positive and proactive professional development supports for staff, targeted and intensive behavioral interventions, PBIS in alternative educational settings
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Susannah Everett Ph.D.

Research interests: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, Data-Based Decision Making within Multi-tiered Systems of Support
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Devin Kearns PhD

Devin Kearns Ph.D.

Research interests: reading acquisition in children with and at risk for dyslexia, basic processes in reading, interventions to improve word reading and reading
comprehension skills
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Natalie Olinghouse Ph.D.

Research interests: Writing, Assessment, Educational Policy, Learning Disabilities, Testing and Accountability
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George Sugai PhD

George Sugai Ph.D.

Research interests: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, Applied Behavior Analysis, Classroom Discipline, Behavioral Intervention, Special Education, School-wide Positive Behavior Support, Function-based Behavior Support, Students with Behavioral Disorders, School-wide Discipline
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