CBER researchers and student researchers present at CEC 2017 Conventions


CBER researchers presented at Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) 2017 Convention and Expo last week.
Thank you all for your contributions!

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Wednesday April 19, 2017

Making all Students College and Career Ready Through 21st Century Literacy Skills (Room 107)
Presented by: Allison Lombardi, Margo Izzo, Jessica Monahan, & Keith McLaren

Thursday April 20, 2017 

Review of Practices to Prevent or Reduce the Use of Crisis Procedures- Presentation Q &A (Room 204)

Presented by: Kate Dooley, Jennifer Freeman, Laura Kern, & Brandi Simonsen

Improving Reading Skills of Kindergarten Through Third Grade Students- Poster Session (Poster 23, Ballroom A)

Presented by: Michael D. Coyne, Ashley Oldham, Kaitlin Leonard & Taylor Koriakin

Examining Developmental Sentence Level Skills for Students With Diverse Learning Needs-Presentation Q &A (Room 206)

Presented by: Natalie Olinghouse, Deborah Howard, & Thilagha Jagaiah

Friday April 21, 2017

Strand G, Session 1: What Skills Do Special Education Teachers Need to Ensure Student Achievement?

Presentation Q &A (Room 109)

Presented by: Larry Wexler, Hank Fien & Brandi Simonsen

Developing and Evaluating a K-3 Multi-Tier or RTI Reading Reform Initiative Using a Regression
Discontinuity Design-Presntation Q&A (Room 207)

Presented by Michael Coyne, Darci Burns, Taylor Koriakin, Kaitlin Leonard, Cindy McGurl, Ashley Oldham

Writer’s Checklist: Scaffolding Struggling Writers to Meet CCSS in Writing-Presentation Q&A (Room 203)
Presented by: Thilagha Jagaiah, Deborah Howard & Natalie Olinghouse

Reading Long Words: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Explicit Phonics Instruction-Presentation Q&A (Room 206)
Presented by: Natasha Axelson & Devin Kearns

Saturday April 22, 2017

Supporting All Students’ Academic and Behavioral Needs through Multi-Tiered System of Support

Presented by: Tamika La Salle & George Sugar


Strand K, Session 2: Positive Classroom Behavior Support: Critical Foundations, Practices, and Systems-Presentation Q&A (Room 200)
Presented by: Jennifer Freeman, Diane Myers & Brandi Simonsen

Strand K, Session 3: Supporting District, State, and Regional Implementation Capacity: Lessons Learned from Northeast PBIS-Presentation Q&A (Room 200)

Presented by: Adam Feinberg, Brandi Simonsen, Jennifer Freeman, Susannah Everett & Bob Putnam

Academic Outcomes for Students with Disabilities in Peer Mentor Programs at the Postsecondary Level (Room Hynes, Poster 10, Ballroom A)
Presented by: Jessica Monahan, Emily Tarconish, Allison Lombardi

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