CBER Monthly Featured Project- “Connecticut Post-School Outcomes for Exiters of Special Education Programs”



Dr. Allison Lombardi
Dr. Allison Lombardi is the PI of the project

Under contract by the Connecticut State Department of Education, the University of Connecticut conducts the Post-School Outcomes Survey for Exiters of Special Education Programs based on Indicator 14 of the State Performance Plan. Specifically, this indicator requires that Connecticut collect important statistics reflecting whether or not students enrolled in higher education, became competitively employed, or engaged in another form of postsecondary education/training or employment experience following high school graduation. Additionally, the survey collects data from Exiters regarding post-high school satisfaction, services received while in high school, and for comments specific to how high school helped to prepare individuals for post-graduation as well as how this process could be improved. Following data collection and analysis, results are shared with both the Connecticut State Department of Education and the districts from which students graduated.

Thus far, developing a better understanding for the range of challenges faced by students as well as the various supports received in high school and beyond has been a rewarding experience. It has been particularly interesting to directly hear from Exiters regarding the specific ways in which their high school’s prepared them for post-graduation life as well as what schools could do differently to better support students. In addition to outcome statistics, these comments, once shared with districts, can ultimately help to inform service-based changes.

For more information and as well as reports from previous years can be found at the following link (see Secondary Transition Reports):



Dan Volk
Dan Volk is a third year doctoral student in the School Psychology program. He provided the information about this project.